Postcard Experience

Take a ride, share your smile!

Star in your own movie postcard!

Postcard Experience is an original and interactive activity for groups, tourist destinations, fairs and events.
Participants are filmed individually or in small groups in front of a green screen. They receive directions about how and when to act. Overacting creates a great result!

Our special software replaces the green screen with special effects and edits the recording in a funny animated film. So your clients or visitors appear in a film that ends as a classic postcard with a special greeting or message. The postcard videos can be shared with friends or family immediately.

We already made ‘Postcards’ for Bever Outdoor & Travel, de Bijenkorf, Christmas Village ICEAmsterdam, City of Delft, City of Leiden, IAmsterdam, Sawadee Reizen, StayOkay, Villa Arena Woonmall and many groups of tourists in Amsterdam!

The Experience

  • Lach2
  • Iamsterdam 01
  • splitscreen
  • groenscherm
  • toppers03
  • toppers
  • toppers01
  • Lach1
  • Greenscreen
  • kerst
  • hostel

Many happy faces during the recordings of a Postcard Experience!


Greetings from Amsterdam!
Take a really cool ride through Amsterdam.


Postcard movies for special occasions. e.g. your personal Christmas card!