Postcard Experience

Take a ride, share your smile!

Star in your own movie postcard!

The Postcard Experience is a very cool event-based attraction for individuals, couples, families and groups.

You are recorded (individual or together) in front of a green screen while you receive instructions on how and when to act. We replace the green with special effects and put you in an animated of a city, a country or a specific location. This postcard can be immediately shared with friends and family on social media.

The Experience

  • Lach2
  • Iamsterdam 01
  • splitscreen
  • groep IAmsterdam
  • Lach10
  • Lach1
  • Greenscreen
  • pceruimte3
  • pceruimte4

Many happy faces during the recordings of a Postcard Experience!


Greetings from Amsterdam!
Take a really cool ride through Amsterdam.


Postcard movies for special occasions. e.g. your personal Christmas card!